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Is Ownership Worth It?

Why Veterinary Practice Ownership Might Be for You

If you’re thinking about opening your own veterinary practice, but you have doubts about management and taking on such a responsibility, read about the experience of our client, Dr. Daniel Horton. While he had his fair share of worries, veterinary practice ownership turned out to be the best choice for Dr. Horton, and he’s never looked back.

Taking the Leap Into Veterinary Practice Ownership

At a certain point in your career, you’ll probably come to a crossroads, wondering what next set of professional goals you’d like to accomplish. This is especially true if you’ve had the chance to work in a couple of different veterinary practices and have a good sense of the industry.

“I worked for a number of practices in a number of different styles and realized along the way that I wanted to be able to be the one to call the shots,” explained Dr. Horton. Besides his wish to be in charge, Dr. Horton recognized another immediate driving force toward veterinary practice ownership. “I wanted to practice a higher quality, more modern style of medicine. That really dovetailed into having the ability to create my workspace.”

As a result, Dr. Horton set out to build a congenial and happy work environment. He wanted to create a vet practice where taking care of both the animals and the people was a top priority.


Ownership Challenges and How to Minimize the Risk

Dr. Horton doesn’t hide the fact that veterinary practice ownership comes with its own set of challenges. “I certainly was nervous about taking the leap,” he said. He faced problems he didn’t anticipate, and in retrospect, he wishes he had listened to professional feedback from his fellow colleagues. “Everybody advised me to build a bigger practice because it was going to take off, and I didn’t listen to that advice very well to my regret, because immediately I had a building that was too small for my practice.”

Dr. Horton had another interesting take from his experience: if you build it, they will come. One of the main reasons why people are unsure about veterinary practice ownership is because they worry about having enough clients. Should they take such a risk? Dr. Horton suggests that if you’re thinking about buying an established practice, it’s a lot easier to look at the numbers and see if there will be strong, recurrent revenue.

“With good quality medicine, good customer care, and client support, you can generate the income that will allow you to have the practice that you always wanted to have,” concluded Dr. Horton. “If you want to have some control of your destiny and establish some long-term assets for retirement, ownership is the way to go if you want to have a good quality of life and work/life balance. Don’t hesitate.”


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