Marshall County, Alabama

Steady growth over the last three years, grossing over $950K in the most recent year, growing at a 12% annual rate! An estimated after-debt income of +$166K is realistic. The +5,450 sq. ft. facility includes real estate!

Based on monthly Idexx reports, the practice continually sees more patients, charges less, and still produces as much as the national average. There is an excellent opportunity in taking over this animal hospital. The practice is bolstered by a full-service in-house pharmacy, boarding facility and grooming business. Featuring a complete diagnostics laboratory, receiving the fastest possible results is standard!

Serving Marshall County, Alabama for over 30 years, this predominately small animal practice offers care for house pets and equipped to service large animals if desired. It's a well-equipped, up-to-date facility staffed by a friendly and professional team, dedicated to offering the best in care for all patients, no matter how many legs, furred or feathered. 

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