St. Louis County, Missouri

Highly respected, well-established, rehabilitation animal clinic - Fully renovated!

The owner and staff believe there are few things more emotionally painful than watching a pet suffer, which is the driving force behind the care they provide. Being a pet’s best road to recovery and performance is the goal of this clinic. With the hard work and dedication of the doctor, there has been a steady increase in gross over the last 3 years. The gross revenue in 2019 was over $700K. A new owner can expect an estimated after-debt income of approximately $150k.

The +2,300 sq. ft. practice has nice exposure in an excellent location. The owner has made many improvements to the leased facility, which have upgraded the appearance and quality for a new owner. The stand-alone building has a paved parking lot with easy, adequate parking.

This rehab clinic is dedicated to the belief that everybody deserves the opportunity for optimum health by restoring motion, accelerating recovery, rejuvenating behavior and optimizing nutrition. They specialize in promoting animal recovery from injuries, disease and altered nutritional patterns.

Overall, Saint Louis County, Missouri is an excellent place to live. There are many plazas that surround this area, making it convenient to local residences. Public schools continuously exceed expectations. It’s a wonderful area to raise a family. There are many things to do, especially if you have children. There are a wide variety of athletic and gym options, movie theaters, outdoor adventure and the cost of living is low.

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