At PS Broker, we work hard for our clients.

Dr. William C. Slocumb


"I signed on with PS Broker as a second broker group after an unsuccessful experience on my first attempt. I cannot say enough good things about PS Broker and their team. I mainly dealt with Brandy, Cassey, and Brooke. They are wonderful, kind, supportive people who take their jobs very seriously. As my closing coordinator, Brooke checked in on me almost daily and was always supportive, uplifting, and encouraging. This entire process is tedious and stressful, even with the best experience, and that kind voice was a blessing to me. In short, I enthusiastically recommend PS Broker and do so with no reservations whatsoever!"

Dr. Shireen Hamid


"I can’t imagine this process without PS Broker. They allowed me to entertain multiple great offers and walked me through the entire process from start to finish. I would recommend them to any and all my colleagues."

Dr. Sue Laskaska


"I knew going in that the sale of my practice was challenging because of its remote location. PS Broker worked incredibly hard to find me a buyer. When we found one, they stood by me through every step of the process, navigating several bumps in the road. I couldn't have been more pleased with their service!"

Dr. Melanie Mokos

South Carolina

"PS Broker is worth every penny! I was advised by some colleagues not to use a broker - that I can contact the corporations on my own. I am so glad that I ignored their advice. From the very first phone call until the day of closing, I knew I had professionals in my corner. Brandy and Brooke were knowledgeable and professional. They kept me informed on a weekly, and at times, daily basis of the progress. They became partners with me in this endeavor and I had no doubt they were working to find the best deal for my business. Not to mention the personal phone calls to check in with me after a severe tropical storm came through and again to offer support when closing was delayed. Selling a business is an overwhelming process. Just as you hire a real estate agent to sell your home, hiring a broker to sell your veterinary practice lessens the burden and stress. I strongly recommend PS Broker."

Dr. Stephanie & Neil Sakocius


"We hired PS Broker to find us an off-market veterinary hospital that met our needs, and that’s exactly what they delivered. The team handled everything along the way as well as helped us with questions that weren’t necessarily their responsibility to answer, but they did anyway. We truly appreciate their help. If we ever decide to sell, we will contact them again."

Dr. CJ Erdman


"I had owned my own practice for several years and later spent time as an associate and then a relief veterinarian for a large corporate group traveling from practice to practice. I finally bought Kings Trail Animal Hospital in 2010. When I was preparing my exit strategy, I spent 3 years with my accountant speaking to several brokers, consolidators, and individual buyers. Living just north of Orlando, I was able to speak to all manner of potential purchasers at the VMX. I built an idea of where the veterinary practice model was headed and decided on a price for my practice, more than double what I was offered just two years prior. The team at PS Broker worked with me, and I admit I am difficult and found several potential buyers. I wanted my practice to stay the ‘neighborhood’ place it had been for over 40 years, and PS Broker made that possible with buyers who I am confident will treat my employees and clients well. I would welcome any chance to speak to veterinarians looking for someone they can trust to work with to sell their practice."

Dr. Kenneth Newman


"PS Broker will do a free practice valuation if you choose to allow them to list your practice. Corporations want to purchase practices that gross $1.5 million dollars or more and have 2 or more veterinarians, and you must stay 1-2 years. PS Broker will sell your smaller veterinary practice in a prompt and respectful manner. They have a broad network of sites to advertise your business. They found my buyer in 2 months, and they can find someone for you. When you consider your change of life, consider PS Broker. Thank you, Shawn, Sally, and Brandy. I am ready for my new life after practice ownership for 33 years!"

Dr. Coffin & Dr. DeMars


"I'm a solo doctor, owner of a small animal clinic in rural Oklahoma. I became quite ill over a year ago and was afraid that I was going to have to close my practice and lose my retirement. A colleague recommended PS Broker, so I reached out to them. We started getting inquiries within 5 months of listing with PS Broker, had a contract signed within 9 months, and we sold almost a year after signing on with PS Broker. The entire staff at PS Broker has been amazing. Their strongest skill set is communication. They were always very quick to answer any questions and informed me of updates on a regular basis. Thank you, PS Broker, for saving my retirement!"

DeLynn Kelly-Brown

North Carolina

"PS Broker goes far above and beyond for sellers as well as buyers. They are skilled, fair negotiators… Simply top notch all around!"

Dr. William & Cindy Bell


"When we decided to sell our hospital, we were looking for somebody who would be trustworthy, sensitive to our needs, and walk us through all the steps. We had no idea the practice was worth that much or even anything at all. I called PS Broker, and it was actually a very smooth process. They answered every one of my calls and every one of my questions. For anyone who is ready to sell their hospital… Be ready for it because it is an emotional time, but you will not find anyone better than PS Broker to stand by you and walk you through the process."

Dr. Tim & Lisa Fallon

New Hampshire

"We had given up and decided to just let our practice wind down while we slipped into retirement. Like a Hail Mary pass at the end of a lost game, we reached out to PS Broker. It all seemed like "pie in the sky" promises, but we had nothing to lose. Unbelievably, the team at PS Broker made it happen! We were in shock, and we are still in shock. PS Broker’s knowledge, experience, and hard work guided us to our retirement goal. The team at PS Broker has a lot to be proud of. We will think of them fondly over the years to come as the miracle team who made it all happen. Many thanks!"

Dr. Livingstone

New Mexico

"After practicing veterinary medicine for 39 years in my private practice, it was time to look for someone to pass the practice on to. I still wanted to maintain the culture and philosophy of the practice that I had worked all these years to foster. I initially contacted PS Broker because of their reputation in our field and working solely with veterinary practices. After meeting with them, I felt comfortable I had made the right choice. What I was not prepared for was their depth of knowledge and experience of the veterinary field and how to market my practice. Every person I worked with at PS broker was so talented and amazing. Everyone worked hard to analyze my practice and find the right people to buy my practice without my practice losing its identity. I had no idea of the things required to market and sell my practice. Their contacts in the field amazed me and allowed for a wide exposure to interested individuals. They had ideas and strategies I never would have dreamed of. I also appreciated their confidentiality and the fact that I did not have to field offers on my own. I felt I was in very good hands and dealt with a group of people that felt more like a family. They turned what could have been a daunting experience into an interesting journey. They helped me secure my future as I start transitioning to retirement. I can't thank them enough."  

Dr. Jack & Karen Thomas


"We purchased our practice 4 years ago. We knew we wanted a 10-year exit plan but didn't know how difficult it would be to find a buyer until we tried on our own. Have to say we felt very overwhelmed with the process. I met Shawn of PS Broker in January of 2019 at a veterinary conference. She asked a few questions, gave me her card, and told me she would contact me in a few weeks. From the very beginning, she was very positive and upbeat without any hesitation. That was a HUGE bright light for us. Shawn contacted me by phone, and we discussed what we were looking for. Immediately, she had her whole team working on finding a buyer. We were not only selling the business, but also real estate. Within a few months, they had 2 buyers interested in purchasing our practice, as well as a buyer for the real estate. The due diligence with the buyer was tedious, but the entire PS Broker team was 100% committed to the process. We never had to worry about ANY detail being missed. PS Broker took care of every matter with the upmost professionalism and care. PS Broker took every phone call, replied to every email and worked with all individuals involved, no matter how difficult the task. Our business and real estate sold, and we are forever grateful because we wouldn't of been able to do this without PS Broker. It was such a pleasure to work with every single member of their organization. They are real life superheroes!"  

Dr. Craig Callen


"When I started to sell my practice, I used another veterinary broker, whose services, unfortunately, were horrible. After a year of nothing being done, I was lucky to find PS Broker. What a difference from my previous brokerage service. PS Broker was with me from day one, from giving me an accurate selling price for my business to the final day when all the docs were signed and dated. They were with me to hold my hand when things got stressful, and someone from the company would always return my phone calls and emails in a rapid fashion. Pennie, Shawn, Sally, Brandy, and Trisha - you are the greatest!! Thanks for all of your fantastic help!!"  

Dr. Joan Freesh


"PS Broker did a wonderful job of listing and selling my feline practice. The brokers were persistent with advertising, had excellent skills talking to prospective buyers, and very helpful throughout the entire process. I tried 2 other brokers prior to PS Broker, and they were not helpful or diligent. I highly recommend PS Broker."

Dr. William Hancock


"I initially called just to see if they were for real. I talked with the CEO and was very pleasantly surprised that they are a company that does what they say they will do. They are very professional and go out of their way to help smooth the finding of a buyer, secure all the necessary paperwork, work smoothly with your lawyer, and make the whole process very pleasant. PS Broker is an outstanding company to work with and will sell your practice for more than you imagined. I highly recommend PS Broker if you are considering selling your practice."

Dr. Matthew Sturmer


"We offer our thanks for your time and service during this transaction period. Your professionalism and experience were paramount in getting this deal finalized. It is one thing to set up the deal and another to close it. When the obstacles arose, you addressed them and solved them in short order. Without your involvement, this sale would not have happened. We will certainly recommend you to any veterinarian in a sell or buy position."

Dr. Kathryn Bell


"As a practice buyer, PS Broker was very helpful. Once I found a practice that I was interested in, they helped facilitate getting all the needed information about that clinic and negotiating with the seller. After I decided that was the one for me, they were great every step of the way through the purchasing process. I would highly recommend them for buying or selling a veterinary practice!"  

Drs. Paul & Jen Sikoski


"We trust them to be fair and honest to both sellers and buyers, and we plan to use them if and when we decide to sell our practices."

Dr. Hal Gumbiner


"I would recommend PS Broker to anyone who wants personalized services and assistance in the selling of their veterinary practice. Both Shawn and Pennie are great to work with, and they make the transition go as smoothly as possible."

Mr. James Stuckey, Attorney at Law


"I was very impressed with the knowledge and responsiveness of Pennie Freeman and Shawn Henriksen during the marketing and then the closing of the sale. If something needed doing or information was required, their turnaround time was incredible."

Dr. Donald Needham


"They were always willing to answer my concerns and address my problems. I was very pleased and highly recommend them to anyone selling their practice."

Dr. Mickey Axelband


"PS Broker sold my practice, along with the real estate, in record time at a favorable price. They handled all negotiations with the buyer, lender, attorneys, and accountants in a professional manner."

Dr. Dick Miller


"The professionals at PS Broker appraised, listed and sold my practice in less than 1 year. They were very helpful to the buyer in obtaining a loan, and I was able to receive cash and retire. Best wishes."

Dr. Dan Selvin


"Pennie and Shawn took care of practically everything, dealing with buyers, accountants, lawyers, landlords, etc. I’m sure they went above and beyond what other brokers would have done, and for that I will always be grateful."

Dr. Michael Shaff


"Pennie and Shawn were there for me, handling all the details at each step, all the way up and through the closing. For anyone contemplating the sale or acquisition of a veterinary practice, I enthusiastically recommend you use PS Broker. You’ll be glad you did."

Dr. Constance Mengering


"The sale went smoothly and the buyer also remarked on how professional and helpful Pennie and Shawn were. I was extremely satisfied with the service I received and highly recommend PS Broker."

Dr. William & Whitney Bowe, CVT

North Carolina

"You met ALL our expectations and your commitment to service went far beyond our expectations. It was evident to us in every step of the transaction that your firm was on top of its game. Once again, we will be forever indebted to you for helping us to achieve our goals, both professionally and personally."

Mariellen Carpenter


"All I really had to do was collect some data for them. From there, they did all the work! I would recommend PS Broker without reservation. They are the best."

Drs. Carl & Rachel Ansara


"Celebrating our one-year anniversary as practice owners, we are happy to say that we have no regrets. We could not have done this without you. Thanks for everything from the bottom of our hearts!"

Dr. & Mrs. King


"They went out of their way to keep us informed constantly of the process and were very clear that they represented us first and foremost. We can recommend them unconditionally."

Dr. Michael Shumer


"PS Broker provided top-notch appraisal, closing, and consultation services for me. Their level of expertise, professionalism, and integrity made me comfortable during the whole sale process. I wish all of the professionals I use had the same outstanding qualities."

Dr. Elinka Beck

South Carolina

"I felt as though they cared about the people involved in the sale rather than handling it as a cut and dry business transaction. To this day, I have no regrets and am very happy with my decision not only to sell, but to involve PS Broker!"

Dr. W. Fuller


"They handled the entire process, from beginning to end, with little to no conflicts or surprises. Dealing with PS Broker was a great experience."

Dr. Matt Teuscher


"You can tell both Pennie and Shawn have a lot of experience helping both the buyers and sellers of veterinary hospitals. They were very comfortable dealing with the lawyers and bankers. I look forward to many years of practicing in my new hospital and would recommend their services anytime!"

Dr. Lynn Duffy


"This is an unconditional endorsement for PS Broker! I could not have been happier with the work done by Pennie, Shawn and the rest of the crew. From their initial number crunching evaluation to the fine point negotiations of the final sales contract, they were outstanding."


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