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Best Mobile Apps for Veterinarians

5 Best Mobile Apps for Veterinarians

The day-to-day work of veterinary professionals is stressful enough. With the advancement of modern technology, however, your day-to-day tasks can be easier with online assistance just one click away. There are many mobile applications out there that can help you diagnose health issues and prescribe the right medication without a headache.

Here’s our selection of apps praised by professionals that can become a part of your daily routine:


1. Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs









Plumb’s is a platform that gives veterinarians access to information on 800+ drugs and also acts as a prescribing tool. In addition, Plumb’s has a built-in conversion calculator and you can also easily check the interaction between two medications and which adverse effects they can cause. 

Plumb’s comes both in iOS and Android versions; however, you do need to pay an annual fee to use the software. The good thing about it is that you can then use software on any device, from desktop and tablet computers to mobile phones. 

You can print out medication guides, add custom notes, and even email them to your clients. It’s a super convenient way to give pet owners necessary information related to their pets’ health without losing prescriptions and bothering with printing and paperwork.

Image source: Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs on Google Play


2. MSD Vet Manual









MSD Vet Manual offers over 1000+ explanations of various conditions written by 400+ animal health experts across the world. This free app is content-rich with photos and videos of numerous diseases, disorders and other health concerns.

A category that deserves a special shoutout is called Clinical calculators. For example, the Chocolate Toxicity Calculator can help veterinary professionals calculate if their patient is in need of immediate medical assistance or they are safe and don’t require treatment.

The excellent thing about this app is that it even caters to pet owners with its category Pet Health, written in a user-friendly language. MSD Vet Manual app is available both for iOS and Android platforms.

Image source: MSD Vet Manual on Google Play


3. Vetcalculators









Everything you need as a veterinary professional in one place – the Vetcalculators app contains a drug calculator, information about anesthetics, antibiotics, a chocolate toxicity calculator, and so much more. 

You can also find vaccination guidelines both for feline and canine patients, learn more about flea and tick control, or review which plants are poisonous for various pets.

Another category, which some other apps don’t have, is the Calories calculator. You can type in the desired weight of the dog or cat, and the calculator will give you the number of necessary daily calories.

Veterinarians can also find information about specific health concerns, such as heart-related conditions, dentistry, heartworm, and more.

The app price is $11.99, available both for iOS and Android platforms. Check out their website for more information and test run their calculators.

Image source: Vetcalculators on Google Play


4. Pet Poison App









Plant lovers may already be in the loop when it comes to most popular plant choices, but a lot of your clients may not be informed enough about the dangers of an innocent-looking flower.

Thanks to the Pet Poison App, you can find detailed descriptions of 2000+ poisonous plants with 4000 photos to help you identify them. This life-saving free app also comes with entries for each poison, its toxicological effects, treatment suggestions, and clinical signs of poisoning.

For a easier navigation, toxins are grouped into 6 categories:

  • Inside the house;
  • Outside the house;
  • Medications;
  • Plants;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Venomous animals.

This app is available both for Android and iOS users.

Image source: Pet Poison App on Google Play


5. Vetcove









Last but not least, another helpful app for veterinarians and other veterinary professionals is Vetcove. This is a one-stop-shop where you can order supplies for your vet practice, clinic or hospital. With just this one app, you can compare prices and buy from various vendors.

Don’t want to spend hours googling for each individual product? Just snap a photo of the package and the app will find it in its database. You can search medication and other health-related products by looking up the name, ingredients, ailments they are treating, or simply through the vendor’s ID number.

This is especially practical if your stockroom is separated from your office and can make ordering much, much easier through your phone or tablet with just a few clicks.

Vetcove is free both for iOS and Android devices.

Image source: Vetcove on Google Play


Ultimately, it’s up to your personal preference and budget which apps will help you transform your regular day at the practice. Some of these apps are not only great for working veterinary professionals, but also for veterinary students and pet owners. Depending on your needs and processes, apps can really come in handy saving you time and money.



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