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December 21, 2023
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Private Equity in the Veterinary Industry

The Evolving Role of Private Equity in the Pet Care and Veterinary Industry

The surge in pet ownership within the United States has reached unprecedented levels, with 70% of households welcoming at least one furry companion. This upward trend was evident before the pandemic, culminating in a staggering $123 billion spent on pets in 2021

As the pet care industry thrives, private equity firms are getting into the market, prompting a closer look at their impact on the pet care and veterinary landscape.


The Private Equity and Consolidation Trend

The significant financial power of private equity has fueled a notable consolidation trend in the pet care industry. Many local veterinary clinics may already have ties to these financial entities, raising concerns about the potential impact on the personalized touch of smaller practices. While consolidation promises operational efficiency and broader resource access, it also challenges the unique character and close-knit relationships pet owners often appreciate in independent clinics.


Changing Pet-Parent Behavior

Beyond the financial dynamics and corporate acquisitions, a profound shift in pet-parent behavior has become a driving force in the pet care industry. The deepening connection between humans and their animal companions has transformed the perception of pets from mere companions to cherished family members. 

The stay-at-home measures enforced during the pandemic have acted as a catalyst, intensifying this trend. With more time spent at home, pet owners have developed a heightened awareness of their pets’ needs, dedicating additional time and attention to their well-being. The result has been an uptick in veterinary visits for essential medical needs, preventive care, and overall wellness check-ups.

As private equity firms eye the pet care sector, they enter a landscape where the human-animal bond is at its peak. The challenge lies in harmonizing the business imperatives of efficiency and scale with pet care’s profoundly personal and emotionally charged nature. This involves understanding and respecting the evolving dynamics of pet-parent behavior.


Positive Aspects and Potential Benefits of Private-Equity Ownership

Examining the positive impact of private equity ownership, as evidenced by studies in fast-food restaurants, reveals notable improvements in inspection ratings and food safety. The success is often attributed to the systematic approaches employed by private-equity groups, utilizing well-defined playbooks to enhance operational efficiency and overall performance. This insight offers a framework for understanding the potential benefits as private equity strategically acquires family-owned veterinary businesses in the pet care industry.

Statistics on corporate ownership further show the evolving landscape of veterinary practices, with approximately 25% of general practices and a staggering 75% of specialty practices now under the ownership of corporate consolidators. These acquisitions hold the promise of higher revenues and faster growth, offering potential benefits for pet owners through cost savings or enhanced services.

While private equity’s involvement in the pet care industry promises several advantages, questions persist about the delicate balance between business consolidation and maintaining the personalized touch in smaller, independent practices. As the industry undergoes this transformative phase, pet owners must advocate for preserving high-quality care and a holistic approach to the well-being of their pets. The journey ahead involves careful consideration of how private equity’s influence will shape the future of pet care and veterinary services in the United States.


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