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Small Animal Veterinary Practice for Sale on the Northwest Michigan Coast


This well-established practice rests on a main thoroughfare in a Pure Michigan destination on the northwest coast! This growing community is surrounded by freshwater beaches, sand dunes, parks, harbors, vineyards, wineries, breweries, incredible restaurants, specialty shops, and so much more.

The thriving practice operates with the owner working full-time along with a large, well-trained support team. Currently, the practice is closed on the weekends for regular appointments and does not offer orthopedic services. This is a definite opportunity for growth as the practice can easily accommodate 2 DVMs to expand hours and services.

As it stands, this practice is seeing 7% growth through December 2023! In 2021, the practice grossed more than $1.12 million and wrapped up 2022 with over $1.26 million in total revenue, which was a 12% increase for the year.

The practice is housed in a beautiful facility of approximately 4,300 SF and rests on more than 2 acres of spacious, wooded real estate. The facility is well-equipped and offers 2 exam rooms. The facility and property have been extremely well-maintained and have received extensive renovations and updates.

Although the owner has enjoyed growing this business and serving the community for over 15 years, they are ready to pass the torch. They are in search of an independent DVM (or two) to purchase the practice along with the real estate. Ultimately, they wish to retire and move south; however, they will help where needed to ensure a successful transition for a new owner.

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Undersigned further understands and agrees that Seller and/or the Business would be damaged by disclosure of Seller’s or the Business’s financial information, client lists to competing veterinarians, or to other persons who may inadvertently or intentionally disclose such information to competitors.

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