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How Much Is Your Veterinary Practice Really Worth?
August 17, 2022
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Why You Should Buy a Veterinary Practice
September 14, 2022
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Client Testimonial

“PS Broker is Trustworthy and Sensitive to Our Needs” 

We have a simple goal — to help people buy or sell their veterinary practices.
Whether you’re concerned about preserving your practice’s legacy, or you’re ready to purchase the vet clinic of your dreams,
PS Broker is here to help.


Client Background

Our clients, the Bells, were looking for a perfect broker who would help find a new owner for their small animal hospital. Dr. Bell wanted to continue working but was ready to have another dedicated individual to take ownership of his practice.

“We owned a wonderful small animal veterinary practice for many years. We served the community of Merced, CA,” said Cindy. “My husband bought the practice before we were married. He wanted to be an owner. He was moving to Oregon and just stopped in California. There was an animal hospital for sale, so he bought a little tiny hospital which eventually became our hospital.

Cindy explained that when Dr. Bell reached his 70s, he wasn’t necessarily ready to retire, but wanted to relinquish the stress that came with ownership. “We decided that we would sell our animal hospital. We were looking for a vet broker that would be trustworthy, sensitive to our needs, and walk us through all the steps.”


The PS Broker Difference

It took Cindy and her husband almost one year – and multiple brokers – before they found the right match. 

“I did get hooked up with a couple of people thinking they would be the right person and when it came down to it, they wanted way too much of what we would be making,” said Cindy. “I called PS Broker and it was actually a very smooth process. We had no idea that the practice was even worth that much or anything. We were just happy getting the real estate part.”

Cindy recalls how responsive PS Broker was – always there to answer their questions or help with logistics. “They answered every one of my calls and every one of my questions. If I need a paper for something, they’ll send it to me or help me find it,” said Cindy. “They’re just… that’s how good they are. They are just all very good people.”

Today, Dr. Bell is still working at the clinic he owned and built. He’s doing the same job that he loves to do without having to worry about the duties of ownership. 

“For the people that are ready to sell their animal hospital, it is an emotional time, so be ready for it,” said Cindy. “But there isn’t going to be anyone better than PS Broker to stand by you and walk you through.”


Now it’s Your Turn – Buy or Sell Your Animal Hospital With Us

The PS Broker team is committed to providing extraordinary client service. With over 20 years of experience, our empathetic brokers know how to make your transition streamlined, efficient, and positive. Contact us today!