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September 27, 2022
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PS Broker Provided Clear Steps for Selling Our Veterinary Practice

“PS Broker Provides Clear Steps for Selling
Your Veterinary Practice”

At PS Broker, earning a client’s trust is one of the highest accolades. We’re especially fortunate when we have multiple opportunities to work with clients like the Brett’s, who returned to PS Broker when it was time to sell their second veterinary practice.


Client Background

Our clients, Layne and Pat Brett, are both veterinarians with careers spanning decades. They owned two practices in Virginia Beach, VA, purchasing the first one in 1998 before selling it in 2008. Around this time, the Brett’s built their second practice and were ready to put it on the market a decade later.

Naturally, they needed to find the right broker for this job. Leafing through the VMA journal classified section, Pat noticed lots of broker advertisements. He was familiar with some of the bigger names, but PS Broker caught his attention.


Selling a Veterinary Practice Is Complex, but the PS Broker Process Is Clear

“From the start, the PS Broker team made a positive first impression over the phone,” said Pat. “They answered my questions completely and directly, whereas the bigger brokers’ answers were very general and vague.”

Walking our clients through the entire process of selling a veterinary practice is something we take seriously. No matter who is calling, whether to inquire about the sales process or to get some general information, PS Broker aims to be a valuable and trusted resource. 

“It’s very scary for a veterinarian to either be buying a practice or selling a practice if you’ve never done it,” Pat explains. “PS Broker just said, this is how it goes, step one, two, three…it was very clear,  which was very comforting.”

Furthermore, Pat also mentioned that misinformation often exists, because the veterinary real estate market is complex and often influenced by the economy at large. “Having somebody experienced to guide you through the whole process is relieving. We also made a bigger profit that we didn’t ever even dreamed of thanks to PS Broker’s ability to cut a fair deal.”


Setting Your Vet Practice Up for Success

Don’t leave your legacy in the hands of large, general brokerages. The specialized team at PS Broker knows what it takes for a successful vet practice sale, and will keep you informed and involved in every stage of the process. 

“When you come out on the other side, you’re fresh and ready to go rather than being totally exhausted, spent, and discouraged,” shared Pat. And that is PS Broker’s goal – to help you meet your financial goals and be ready to take the next step in your career, whatever that may be.