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Veterinary Mental Health Resources

Scrabble spelling out mental health.

Mental Health and Wellbeing
Resources for Veterinarians and Staff

The veterinary profession is rewarding, but can also take an emotional toll on veterinarians and staff members. 

Many veterinarians and technicians suffer from anxiety, have sleep issues, and are at higher risk for depression. As essential workers during COVID-19, veterinarians and staff are now dealing with the pandemic’s toll on their physical and mental health. 

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study registered a higher possibility of suicide among vet technicians and technologists than among the general population, while another study by the same agency found that there is increased suicide mortality among female veterinarians. 

In light of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September, we’ve compiled a list of valuable mental health and well-being resources geared toward veterinarians and staff. Let’s work together to build a better support system for those who care for our animals.


Activities and Resources to Support Veterinary Mental Health

Creating a healthy work-life balance for veterinary staff and highlighting the importance of mental health are the first steps in suicide prevention.

The most crucial suicide prevention activities are:
  • Introducing mental health breaks
  • Emphasizing the importance of mental health treatments
  • Building relationships with local veterinary communities
  • Organizing training on bettering work-life balance and improving working conditions
  • Stronger administrative control of medication
  • Modifying certain work stressors (e.g. shortening work hours, giving better support, hiring more employees)